Atomic Driving School - We radiate safe driving!
Driving School and Testing Location:
 214 Torbett Street; Suite H
Richland, WA 99354
(509) 531-5511
 Written and Driving tests for all ages!
Call to schedule your test today!
Written (Knowledge) test: $25  *a second test is free if needed
Driving (Skills) test: $50 - Use our car   *a second test is free if needed
Driver's Education Classes in the Tri-Cities:
Atomic Driving School offers state mandated curriculum for students
between the ages of 15-17 in order to obtain a Washington State
driver's license.
Standard Driver's Education class includes:
30 hours of classroom instruction (Fifteen 2-hour classes)
6 hours of behind the wheel instruction
1 hour of student observing another student driving
Free with Driver's Ed class:
1 knowledge (written) test
1 skills (driving) test
Adult Driving Lessons:
Adult driving lessons are $50 per hour.
Use our car.
Learn what is needed to pass the driving test and be safe on the road!
Please call or text at any time to register for a Drivers Ed Class
or if you have questions about Driver Testing.
-Angie Booker
(Owner/Instructor/Test Proctor)
(509) 531-5511
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